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Improving airline and airport operations with AI and data aggregation

A presentation by Safir Monroe
CEO, UnDelay

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About this presentation

By analyzing radio conversations, we can determine the exact cause of a flight delay at a specific time. We use AI to segment radio transcripts into delay categories such as weather, airline internal codes, baggage, ramp handling and other miscellaneous reasons. With sentiment analysis, we detect the positivity or negativity of different transmissions in different regions. Airlines, airports and travel companies will now be able to search the details of thousands of conversations in seconds instead of listening to hours of recorded audio. For example, if a transcript states “Heavy Atlanta number 1006 right", this mean that the flight has an excess of 300,000lbs, which delays takeoff. Airline employees typically reduce the number of passengers or luggage to reduce weight. Now gate agents, aircraft lead agents and ramp handlers can switch out luggage and passengers faster with real-time information. If a transcript states “4202 is gonna probably be delayed for you. We just got a phone call from the Addison airport”, all airports connected to DFW and airlines serving flights from and to DFW will be alerted that flight 4202 might be delayed. Airlines and airports can now account for open runways, missing passengers and missing luggage. Another example of a message we provide is “Do you feel your engine started? … Texas 5 (is) a heavy lift. Juliet monitor 11 and appoint one. You have been released.” If a flight is experiencing engine problems, other flights can take off due to limited runway space. Travel companies can help a customer receive flight compensation since this delay was caused by the airline’s engine failure.

Safir Monroe

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

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